DMH Zone

DMH Zone

The human gut microbiome significantly contributes not only to the maintenance of the digestive and metabolic health but also to disease development. In 2020, Digestive and Metabolic Health topic was introduced to the World of Microbiome program for the first time and it brought closer the interface between nutrition, basic research and clinical care.

This year we are building on the previous edition and also bringing in new educational goals to:

  • Update on latest advances in the field of digestive tract interrelation with the microbiome
  • Translate basic science to clinical implications and clinical questions to basic questions
  • Integrate nutritional approaches as therapeutic interventions in intestinal diseases 

We will be focusing on a more comprehensive view on the microbiota extending beyond the gut, and improving our understanding how we can revert the microbiome in at-risk situations to a healthy balance. 

Let’s advance the world of microbiome together!